Medicinal Benefits of Pelargonium Zonale (Horseshoe Geranium)

Medicinal Benefits of Pelargonium Zonale (Horseshoe Geranium)

Benefits of Natural Treatment with Geranium – Pelargonium Zonale (horseshoe geranium)

Natural treatment – home remedy for herbal cure, made of Geranium has multiple therapeutic effects: improves metabolism, prevents tumors to grow, dissolves stones, stops the bleeding.

In folk medicine, both the leaves and the flowers are used in case of diarrhea, dysentery, rheumatism, gout, asthma, abscesses, and lung gangrene.

From a large variety of geraniums the best therapeutic effect has the species that have large leaves, and has a strong odor because of its large amount of phytoncide, which are antimicrobial allelochemic volatile organic compounds derived from plants.

Scientists have found that the medicinal power of geranium is beyond garlic and onion power in fighting bacteria.

For the preparation of a natural medicine – herbal treatment, are used not only the leaves and the flowers, but also the plant roots.

Wash the roots and use them immediately, or let them dry and store them in paper bags. The roots of the plant are rich in carbohydrates, starch, flavonoids, tannins, carotene, essential oil, glucose, alkaloids, trace elements, and ascorbic acid, which are deposited in leaf (vitamin C).

Preparations of geranium

Geranium can be prepared into a large variety of herbal remedies, including tinctures, infusions and decoctions, syrups, and more.

For example, soak dried leaves of Geranium in boiling water and apply the leaves onto the old corn; in this way, this corn will get out in several days.

Geranium essential oil can be prepared at home, using one of the following methods:

Geranium Oil

Recipe 1: Place a cup of chopped leaves and geranium red flowers in a transparent jar of 750 ml (25.36 FL Oz), pour over 125 ml (4.22 FL Oz) of alcohol double refined, close the jar tightly and keep it in strong sunlight for two weeks. Open the jar, and fill it with unrefined oil (corn, olive, sunflower), then close the jar tightly; further, keep it in the sun another two weeks. Strain and squeeze the liquid from the mixture. Keep the macerated plants in freezer for local dressings, and the liquid in dark bottles in refrigerator.

Recipe 2: Pick young leaves of geranium, before the flowering of plants, which must be older than one year, and mix two cups of finely chop leaves with ten tablespoons of unrefined oil, heated to 40-45 C (104-122 F), then pour the mixture in a dark jar. Let the mixture soak for two weeks in a cool place. Then filter the oil and squeeze the leaves well to get all the oil. Keep the oil in the refrigerator, in dark bottles or wrapped in black paper for three months.

Is Geranium Good as Natural Medicine?


Prophylactic, take a teaspoon of Geranium oil in your mouth and suck like a caramel just 15 minutes before the main meal. It is a cure for seven days, which can be taken as a preventive method, each spring. During the treatment, it is not recommended the use of alcohol. This natural treatment made from Geranium is utilized only in short courses.


Mix a few drops of oil with fine salt or pour them on a napkin to be able to breathe the aroma. In this way, the flavor decreases the mental exhaustion, insomnia, fatigue. The oil can be added to cream for massage, or into the bath water.

Weight loss diet

The aroma of geranium can be used as inhaler before meals, to decrease the appetite; it is a simple method instead of taking expensive drugs. Important: Before using the oil, do a test for hypersensitivity or allergy. Therefore, apply a drop of oil on the wrist, 12 hours before starting the treatment. If you have sensitivity to the oil you may have itching, stinging or redness. Do not use aromatherapy in cases of heart attack, asthma, epilepsy (especially, if the patient does not like the smell).

Geranium Ointment for Joint Pain And Varicose Ulcers

Mix Geranium leaves in a blender until becoming a paste. Add to 3 tablespoons of Geranium juice, 3 tablespoons of solid fats, preferably lard, and mix them until becoming a smooth paste. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator no more than one week, and used it in cases of pain in joints and varicose ulcers.

Natural Treatments with Geranium for Internal use

Respiratory diseases: pharyngitis, laryngitis. Geranium has proven effectiveness against respiratory diseases. Prepare a fresh infusion of geranium flowers or leaves, as follows: pour one cup of boiling water over one heaped teaspoon of chopped herb; allow the mixture to infuse for 8 hours. Use 100 ml (3.38 FL Oz) of this infusion for nasal irrigations and gargle with the remaining liquid.

Bronchitis and pleurisy For bronchitis treatment we need a tincture made from the chopped leaves of geranium. Place 1/3 part leaves of geranium in a jar of 300 ml (10 FL Oz) and pour brandy over them until the jar is filled up. Close the jar tightly and place it in refrigerator for 3 weeks. Then, drink one tablespoon of strained tincture in 150 ml (5 FL Oz) of mint tea, 3 times a day. Apply the same tincture, using a swab, on the chest before the bedtime. The tincture can be used for massages, especially for children, but for the tincture preparation, instead of brandy use apple cider vinegar.


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