Medicinal Benefits of Digitalis Lanata (Grecian Foxglove) Upon Heartbeat

Medicinal Benefits of Digitalis Lanata (Grecian Foxglove) Upon Heartbeat

The Grecian Foxglove is a widely used herbal medicine with a recognized stimulatory effect upon the heart.

Digitalis Lanata is a biennial or a short-lived perennial plant that usually forms a low rosette of basal leaves. It has big striking flowers that are oddly colored. It is known to be an important source of digoxin and other important glycosides that are used in the treatment of modern day heart conditions.

Other common names that Digitalis Lanata may be known by being Woolly foxglove, Grecian foxglove, Willow-leaved foxglove and Straw foxglove. Irrespective of the name you call it, this plant remains to be a dependable option for individuals suffering from heart conditions.

Parts Used

It is highly toxic in all parts of the plant. However, the digitalis leaf has a slight therapeutic index that needs close medical supervision for safe use.


It contains three essentials cardiac glycosides, these include the following:

Digoxin glycoside

It slows and strengthens the heartbeat by influencing the natural electrical system of the heart and the heart muscles.

Digitoxin glycoside

This cardiac glycoside has the same structure and effects to digoxin glycoside. The only difference is that the effect of this cardiac glycoside tends to last longer than that of digoxin.

Lanatocide C glycoside

This digitalis cardiac glycoside stimulates immature cells found in fetal liver, bone marrow and spleen.

Medicinal Action and Uses

Digitalis Lanata has many medicinal benefits, especially for the heart and its muscles. Some of the medicinal benefits of Digitalis Lanata – Grecian Foxglove include the following:
• It is a recognized stimulant to the heart.
• It is used in allopathic medicine as the primary source of cardiac glycosides used for treating heart conditions.
• It has a serious tonic effect of a heart that has a disease, making it beat more slowly, with power and in a regular manner eliminating the need for more oxygen.
• It instigates the flow of urine that effectively reduces the volume of blood and consequently lowers the load on the heart.
• It is used to relieve associated fluid retention.
• It relieves congestive heart failure.
• It is used to treat atrial fibrillation.
• It increases the force of contraction of heart muscles by inhibiting the activity of ATPase enzyme that primarily controls the movement of calcium, sodium and potassium into the heart muscles.
• It is used to treat atrial flutter.
• It also treats atrial tachycardia.

Medicinal action of Digitalis Lanata is as follows:

For the drug’s effect to be fully felt in the muscles it takes duration of twelve hours or even more. Normally it is taken with a combination of other remedies to help the patient be comfortable during its action. Digitalis Lanata contains chemicals from which the prescription drug digoxin is made. The chemicals enhance the strength of the heart muscle contraction; they change the heart rate and ultimately increase blood output from the heart.


Preparation of Foxglove on the market is quite different in composition and strength depending on. The powdered Digitalis leaf is normally administered as a pill. The pharmacopoeia tincture is given in doses of 5.15 minims, and the infusion is in unusually little doses of 2 to 4 drachms, the dose of other infusions is administered as one ounce or more.


The recipe for the digitalis drug is as shown below:
Powdered leaves, up to 2 grains
Fluid extract, 1 to 3 drops
Solid extract, U.S.P, 1/8 grain
Tincture, B.P, 5 to 15 drops
Infusion, B.P, 2 to 4 drachms

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Side effects

Despite the medicinal benefits of Digitalis Lanata (Grecian Foxglove), it may have some few side effects. Some of which include the following:
i. The continuous use of the drug can cause health risks such as arrhythmias also known as heart failure.
ii. It can cause intoxications in patients suffering from hepatic problems since digitoxin glycoside, are eliminated via the liver.
iii. In the central nervous system, it has the potential of causing confusion, depression, drowsiness, hallucinations, psychoses and in some cases visual disturbances.
iv. It can disrupt the regular heart rhythm including life – threatening ventricular tachycardia through the atrioventricular block.
v. Some patients experience excessive muscle tone in the stomach and intestines .
vi. Some people experience diarrhea after using the drug.
vii. Some patients suffer from headache.
viii. Other patients lose their appetite completely.
ix. Vomiting after taking the pharmaceutical preparation of digitalis is also common.


Use Digitalis Lanata (Grecian Foxglove) today for a healthier heart and enjoy the other numerous medicinal benefit of the herb. With the many positive reviews about the herb, there is no doubt that medicinal benefits of Digitalis Lanata -Grecian Foxglove is a great choice, especially for individuals with heart problems.