Potato Benefits – Healthy Tips After Eating a Copious Meal

Potato Benefits – Healthy Tips After Eating a Copious Meal

Potatoes are one of the most important food, because they contain a tremendous health benefits that make them necessary as a dietary product.

The health benefits of potato include: improve digestion, reduce cholesterol levels, boost heart health, prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system, reduce signs of aging, protect the skin, increase circulation, reduce blood pressure, and eye health.

In this article I’m going to speak about the benefits of potato on the digestive system.

If you have had the chance to eat too much and get an upset stomach, here there are some natural remedies:

Potato juice is unparalleled in the treatment of gastric ulcers and gastric acidity.

It soothes the digestive mucosa and scars. Potato juice is antispasmodic, diuretic, emollient and helps with digestion.

In a glass put 2 oz (50 ml) potato juice and warm water in equal parts.

Drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. The potato fresh juice can also be mixed with soup.

As all the juices, the potato juices are quickly altering; therefore just after squeezing the juice, should be used right away.

Millions of people are suffering from arthritis, but few know that potato juice is beneficial and act against this disease.

The raw extract of potato juice is indicated in hepatitis, gallstones, constipation, hemorrhoids and scurvy.

Pink varieties of potato juice contain carbohydrates, protide, lipids, minerals, vitamins (B1, B6, C, K).

Potato starch is useful against inflammation in gastrointestinal disease and toxic poisoning.

Potatoes are among the foods which pesticide residues are often found.

Go for organic whenever is possible.

If not, soak them in water with apple cider vinegar and sea salt to remove the residues.

Then use a brush to give a good scrub on the peel before using.

Avoid consuming potatoes that have sprouted, turned green or have dehydrated.




These contain toxic alkaloid solanine that may cause nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, headache, dizziness.

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