Celandine Natural Treatment for Liver Diseases

Celandine Natural Treatment for Liver Diseases

Celandine is a natural treatment, a plant with multiple curative properties, recognized and used for its healing effects and known since antiquity.

Celandine blooms from April to September and is collected only on sunny days. On rainy weather, celandine darkens and its active principles are lost.

From celandine, the aerial parts of the plant, stem, leaves and flowers are used as remedies.  Immediately after collecting the plant, set it in a thin layer to dry, in a shady place and free of moisture.

Researchers were able to isolate the active substances in Celandine and did tests on animals; the conclusion was that celandine proved to be a good cytostatic, and a good stimulator of the immune system.

Celandine treats biliary colic, biliary dyskinesia, acne, eczema, enterocolitis, acute and chronic hepatitis. It can be a good remedy in the treatment of leukemia.  In liver cancers, the extract from plant can stop the evolution of tumors.

You can use the celandine in the form of powder, tincture, infusion and poultice.

Home remedies easy to prepare from Celandine:

  1. Prepare the powder by grinding the dry stems of celandine. Store the powder in airtight glass jar, and keep it in a cool place, no longer than three weeks. Take the powder as a treatment 3-4 times a day, a fourth part of a teaspoon (approximately 1 g) on an empty stomach.
  2. How to prepare the tincture of Celandine? Place in a jar with lid 15 tablespoons of celandine powder, then add two cups (500 ml) of alcohol 60º. Close the jar tightly and mix the composition while the jar is closed hermetically, and let it soak for 14 days; then filter the resulting tincture. Store the tincture in a dark place for one year, because after this period the tincture loses its properties. Take the tincture as a treatment four times a day/ 50-100 drops per day, diluted in a little water.
  3. Prepare the infusion of Celandine as follows: put 4 tablespoons of minced dried plant into two cups (500 ml) of water and let to soak for eight hours, then filter the liquid. Boil the plant that remains after filtering for five minutes in another two cups (500 ml) of water; then allow it to cool and filter again the liquid. Combine the liquid from the first filtering and the boiled liquid to get 1 liter of infusion; this mixture is used especially for external treatment, gargle or local baths.
  4. Poultices of celandine: put ten Celandine leaves in a bowl with warm water (40 º – 50 º) for two hours; after two hours apply the leaves and the liquid using a dressing on the affected area. Cover the dressing with a bandage and allow it to act for one hour.

Celandine helps blood formation; for this reason, it is recommended in the treatment of leukemia.

Make a mixture from equal quantities of Nettle, Elder Flowers and Celandine approximately 2 teaspoons of dried plants in 250 ml of boiling water, let it infuse for 10-15 minutes and drink the obtained tea. As a treatment drink 2 liters of this tea per day.

In Hepatobiliary diseases such as chronic hepatitis and biliary dyskinesia, take the tincture of celandine 3 times per day – 10 drops each time.

This Natural Treatment – Celandine is a great stimulant of liver function. So, take the plant in the form of powder, about 0.5 grams / 4 times a day for 21 days, then take a pause of 7-10 days.

It is an excellent remedy for people with liver disease such as hepatitis, and especially after intoxication or poisoning.

Indigestion and nausea: take a half of one teaspoon of Celandine tincture 4 times daily; it reduces nausea, strongly stimulates the production of gastric juice and bile, eliminates discomfort which occurs in the case of indigestion. Take each dose of celandine 10 minutes before meals. A cure of treatment lasts three weeks.

For the treatment of gastritis take 10 drops of tincture, 4-6 times per day.

Hemorrhoids can be cured with the help of this plant. Drink with small sips 2-3 cups of infusion daily.

Biliary migraine, migraine in general – take a teaspoon of celandine powder on an empty stomach, one single dose for 24 hours. The effects are downright spectacular: in less than one hour, the bile is drained, headache and nausea disappear, like the excessive sensitivity to noise, light and odors. The treatment is used occasionally when the headache and other symptoms of migraine occur.

Pancreatitis – this condition is dangerous and difficult to treat, but, here’s a recipe that do miracles: put five grams of dried celandine in one liter of boiling water and let it infuse for 12 hours. Then add 200 grams of organic honey, and mix well the mixture. Take a tablespoon of this mixture every hour. The treatment lasts two months until the symptoms disappear.

Biliary dyskinesia. The treatment of this condition is the powder, 0.5 grams three times a day at 8am, 1pm and 7pm. This treatment lasts 30 days, followed by 10 days of rest. It has an unrivaled efficiency by any drug of synthesis. The treatment is also effective for preventing the gallstones, in this regard take 10 drops of tincture, 3 times per day.


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