Natural Treatment with Horseshoe Geranium

Natural Treatment with Horseshoe Geranium

Natural Treatment with Geranium

Pelargonium the beautiful flowers we enjoy every year, have benefits as herbal remedies that people can use easily, because they are very accessible.

Pelargonium flowers not only help insomnia, fatigue, respiratory disease, they are great for hyperthyroidism, help to remove toxins that occur in body after chemotherapy procedures, they are stomach ailment, and dissolve kidney stones. They can be made into a variety of herbal remedies, including tinctures, infusions and decoctions, syrups, and more.

Medicinal Benefits of Geranium – Pelargonium Zonale (horseshoe geranium)


Natural Treatment for Hyperthyroidism

Over 100 g (3.5 Oz) of chopped leaves pour 500 ml (17 FL Oz) of brandy and let it soak for 30 days in a sealed jar, stir the mixture periodically. After a month, strain and squeeze well the liquid; drink a teaspoon of this tincture 3 times a day, 30 minutes before the main meals.

Geranium Tea Treatment after Chemotherapy, or during the Chemotherapy

Geranium that is prepared at home as a natural treatment, will help to remove toxins that occur in the body after chemotherapy procedures; for this purpose, prepare an infusion from 3 leaves of Geranium and 250 ml (one cup) of boiling water. Pour boiling water over the leaves and then allow the liquid to cool, and strain the tea. Drink this tea throughout the day, a sip every time (do not drink the whole cup only once).

Stomach ailments, diarrhea

In rural areas, the elderly, our ancestors have solved the problem simply by preparing an infusion of 8-10 pieces of geranium leaves and 250 ml (one cup) of boiling water; then, they allow it to cool. This tea acts as a medicine, which people should drink 1/3 cup of tea before the main meals, three times a day, the last cup of tea before the bedtime.

Especially in diabetics, it happens sometimes that diarrhea occurs without any connection with eating food. For this purpose, prepare a tincture from 3 heaping tablespoons of crushed leaves and flowers, and 100 ml (3.38 FL Oz) of alcohol double refined. Let it soak for 3 days in the dark. Drink 20 drops combined with a tablespoon of water. Those who want to avoid alcohol can prepare the infusion by mixing 2 teaspoons of crushed leaves and flowers with a glass of boiled and cooled water; leave the mixture to soak overnight, then strain and drink the resulted tea throughout the day, divided into 5-6 doses. This tea not only relieves the digestive condition, but the function of the pancreas, heart; restores glycogen levels in the liver, and regulates blood pressure.

Pelargonium is good for Kidney stones and inflammatory processes

People have considered Geranium a good dissolver for deposits of kidney stones. This home remedy for kidney stones it’s easy to prepare from the following items: freshly squeezed juice of 20 ml (2 tablespoons) of leaves and flowers, 50 g of honey, Propolis tincture 20 ml, and 100 ml red wine or 65 ml (2 FL Oz) cognac. Let the mixture infuse for 14 days into the refrigerator and then keep it in a cold place, not more than 3 months. Drink one tablespoon of this tincture, 2 times a day, 30 minutes before the main meals, for 2 weeks.

The procedure to get the juice: place 50 g of green leaves in 200 ml (6.76 FL Oz) of water at room temperature for 2 hours; then shake the mixture well and pass it through a juicer. Additionally, squeeze the juice through a fine sieve.



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