Aloe Vera Benefits For Health

Aloe Vera Benefits For Health

The main component of Aloe Vera is aloin, which quantitatively is between 40-50%. It is a sparingly soluble substance in water and can only be cleaved by the action of an oxidizing agent.

Important – is very high in amino-acid content: 20 of the 22 amino-acids from the amino-acid structure of the key body, 7 cannot be synthesized by the body.

Aloe Vera gel contains enzymes and phytohormones which have an important role in cell metabolism; over 20 minerals and trace elements indispensable for body: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, chlorine, zinc, magnesium, etc., and all the necessary vitamins.

Among plants, is the only one which has been identified as containing vitamin B12.

International scientific bodies, have shown that Aloe gel penetrates up to the seventh level, from the skin to the bone, resulting in activation of active substances.

Water and aqueous solutions (infusions, decoctions, macerated) penetrate only two layers of skin. It actions as an antibiotic, has antibacterial properties, antiparasitic, antiviral, is outstanding.

These modern products strengthen the immune system and stimulate cell regeneration by toning this function.

The sedative action of this plant induces a state of calm and relaxation.

By increasing diuresis and detoxification action regulates general metabolism .

The Benefits of Aloe Vera:

– Stimulate digestion, blood and lymphatic circulation , liver function, gall bladder and kidney disease.

– In non-insulin-dependent diabetes, regulates pancreatic gland metabolism, or even cure the disease after treatment for at least six months. In non-insulin-dependent diabetes decreases daily dose of up to 50%;

– In peptic ulcer healing and antibacterial action have on Helicobacter pylori, especially if associated with Hydrastis canadensis,the U factor, and cabbage juice;

– In Hepatobiliary disease stimulates the secretion of interferon, which plays an essential role in curing viral hepatitis B and C. Also, stimulates liver cell regeneration;

– Reduces the opacity of the lens in eye diseases, cataracts; improves range of vision in cases of myopia and hyperopia; heals blepharitis and conjunctivitis;

– As external use, is recommended in the treatment of wounds; for desinfecting and for wound healing; in rheumatic pain, by applying Aloe gel is obtained mitigation.

External treatment is recommended to be associated with internal therapy .

– In allergies, Aloe Vera preparations alleviate itching and prevent skin eruptions; it has the same effect in some dermatitis. External treatment is recommended to be associated with internal therapy .


Products containing Aloe Vera can give adverse effects or side effects in some sensitive people.




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